How to perform Mac copy large files over network?

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How to perform Mac copy large files over the network? I know some networking process in windows operating systems, but no idea when it comes to Mac OS. I hope some of you are expert on the Mac networking procedure. I need to copy some files over the network.


Chloe Chylly.

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How to perform Mac copy large files over network?


Hi Chloe,

The fastest way to transfer files between two Mac machines via a network is through connecting them with an Ethernet cable. First you have to connect them with the Ethernet cable. And after connecting them, you have to configure their IP so both machines see each other on the network. On the first Mac, go to System Preferences -> Sharing and turn on File sharing by checking the checkbox on the left side in a box labelled ‘Service’. On the same screen, make sure that the Administrator has its permissions set to ‘Read and Write’ while the Staff and Everyone is set to ‘Read Only’ and then click ‘Show All’ at the top left corner of the screen. You now need to configure your IP address by clicking ‘Network’ and configure your IPv4 by selecting ‘Manually’ instead of ‘Using DHCP’. Type in your IP address which will be and change your subnet mask to and there should be no router address. Click on Apply -> Advanced and make sure IPv6 is ‘Configured Automatically’. Then click on ‘DNS’ beside ‘TCP/IP’ and make sure there is no DNS Server and no Search Domains. Try to remove them if there are any. Under ‘Proxies’, make sure that there are no proxies. Click on the ‘Hardware’ tab beside the ‘Proxies’ tab and then select ‘Configure Automatically’. Now you’re all done with your first Mac. Repeat everything on the second computer but instead of setting as your IP address, you have to use with the same subnet mask. Once you’re done, go to ‘Finder’ to check whether you’re connected or not. You will know that you are connected because the name of the first computer’s administrator will appear under the ‘Shared’ menu on the left navigation pane.

The next step is turning off the firewall of both your computers. Go to System Preferences -> Security & Privacy, then click on the ‘Firewall’ tab and make sure it is turned off. If in case it is on, click on the padlock icon on the bottom left part of the screen and click it to unlock. Once unlocked, you can now change the Firewall settings freely. Do the same to turn off the Firewall on the second computer.

Next comes the copying part. On the computer with the files you with to transfer, you have to open your home folder inside your hard disk, and then go to the ‘Public’ folder. Drag the files you wish to be copied in the ‘Public’ folder. Finally, to copy those files on the second computer, you have to open the ‘Finder’ and then click the first computer connected to you on the left side at the navigation pane. You will then be connected as a guest and a folder will appear. Open that folder and then drag and drop the files you wish to copy.

I hope this helps.

Wagner Korber

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