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I used Nokia 5130 mobile and i saved some webpages in my mobile by its default opera browser and moved those files to gallery now when i am opening them they are not opening because they saved in obml format . so. what i have to do to open those pages again or again i have to send those to mobile saved pages option even i tried java wtk but its not those already saved pages it just opening present pages so,

Please give me solution its very important.

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This is a very simple fact that the files go to your default folder. The opera browser saves them in obml format. I shall advise you to install Opera Browser in Your PC. Then transfer all the files to a single folder using blue tooth or any other means. Then Open the HTML or the web page. If this works then well else you take only the HTML or webpage file to the parent directory and open.

If this does not works, then, see the HTML or webpage file in text mode. Identify the path of the other linked files in the file path. Create such a path and then deploy the files to the path then try opening the HTML.

This should surely work.