How to make a flexible web page footer?

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I searched a lot on the internet for how to make a flexible footer using CSS and HTML.

I mean by flexible : the footer is always at the bottom of the page no matter how long the content is.

I really didn't find a solution since the solutions solve only one problem at a time (when the content is short or when

it exceeds the height of the page.

please let me know if you have the answer?


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How to make a flexible web page footer?


Hi Marwen.

Do you have enough knowledge in CSS/ HTML. It will turn a foundation to you if you have this knowledge.

However you want to about flexible footer.

Yes HTML and CSS works for your attractive page even flexible. if you have blog then one way. forum then one way

1. Blog you create go edit by HTML and post by the code. Your footer will two row and if possible make table in 3 or more option.

column, cell spacing difference from1:1 then looks nice. For your better understand i say visit

there the column footer well furnished to see.

2. Forum posts footer flexible if you use much answer by Order link.


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How to make a flexible web page footer?


You should have knowledge with HTML and CSS. Using HTML I suggest that you try using iframe so that the bottom page will not change or load anymore when you set it there. You can then fix it using jQuery as well but you must know how to use Java Script page before using it.

Go to for tutorials and to learn basic skill on how to use this web programming tools. It is pretty easy to learn. But doing the iframe or frame will surely make it a lot easier for you. Also CSS tag could be more than enough for your need to control your web page once you have added more text on you main body.

I normally use repeat background on y axis, so you have to look on this also.

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