How to lock Microsoft Access table

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I am using Microsoft Access 2000. I have a database. Some tables are secret, but they have an internal relation. I want to lock some tables from there. Is it possible to lock some specific tables?

If possible, how I do this work. Please describe to me step by step.

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How to lock Microsoft Access table


Definitely, yes! If your MS Access is a multiple-user database, it is undeniably essential to be distributed into configuration for a front-end and back-end. By the table at the back-end and at the whole thing is in the front-end. The two parties must have a copy of their own. front-end will be to the users and for the server is the hard drive with the back-end.

For one user, hiding is undoubtedly enough for tables. That's it. 🙂

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How to lock Microsoft Access table


Malakalison, yes, indeed it is possible to lock your tables in the database. This is the steps you need to follow:

  1. Open Ms Access by going to Start->All Programs->Microsoft Office->Ms Access and open the program.
  2. Create a form based on the table and show all the fields you want your users to update.
  3. You can show fields in ReadOnly mode in the form.

The end user should not have direct access to the table.

  • Tables will be used for data storage
  • Forms are used for adding/updating or deleting data
  • Queries will be used for extracting and manipulating data
  • Reports are used for presenting data

The users will be blocked from editing anything in the table and will only read the data

This information should be helpful. Thanks

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