How to Layout Pages in Microsoft Word for eBook

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How do you layout a book meant for Amazon Kindle in Microsoft word? What margin size to you use for the text to appear well in Kindle? What should be the spacing between the sentences? Is it a good idea to make the heading bold or italic? Which font type and size are most suitable or good-on-the-eye?

Software for Converting Files from One format to another    There comes a point in time when a computer user has to convert one file from one format to another. I would like to know, if there is some software out there which does this job more efficiently than others? Where can I obtain this software and does it come free-to-download?

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How to Layout Pages in Microsoft Word for eBook


First of all, in terms of margin size, I've read that Kindle completely ignores the right and left margins. So, no matter what you set it to, it won't matter. They only pay attention to the top and bottom margins. However, I'm finding that font size is more an issue than margins and page size.

The recommended fonts to use for an eBook on Kindle are Georgia, Caecilia, Trebuchet, Verdana, Arial, Times New Roman, Courier, and Lucida, which are also the fonts that Kindle supports. Recommended font size is 12 point for body text, and 14 to 18-point for chapter titles and headers. Bold and italic type is fine, but that's suited to what you want to do. I'm not a book writer, but I do like the idea of having chapter titles be bold to stand out from the body text.

As for spacing between sentences, when I took a typing course in high school, they told us we have to double space between sentences, so I'm sort of stuck to that whenever I write stories (e.g. fan fiction, which is a story based on real TV or movie characters. In my case I once put Sylvester from "Looney Tunes" into a mystery story, that also included fellow "Looney Tunes" characters). I've also transcribed text from audio files for books and put all their sentences with double spaces between.

In terms of converting files from one format to another, you can do that in Microsoft Word quite easily. Let's say you have a *.doc document and want to convert it to PDF. Just load it into Word, go to File, and then "Save As" and choose PDF. Then you will have both versions if needed, or you can always just delete the .doc file if you don't need it anymore.

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