How to install Office 2003

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Hi All,

I want to install MS office 2003 in my computer while I am using Windows 7. I want to know how?

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How to install Office 2003


Well Microsoft Office 2003 is a compatible software provided by the Microsoft which can be installed on different Windows or operating systems. So its very easy to install Microsoft Office 2003 in Windows 7 also.

You just need to go to this website Microsoft download details and there you will find two links. If you are using a client then install office for client and if you want to install full file, then click on full download link and download the whole file. After downloading run this software, it will run in Windows 7.

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How to install Office 2003


Hi Azhar,

MS Office, is suitable for any Windows, especially if the Window is much updated. Anyways, your problem is on how to install your MS Office 2003, while using windows 7. Actually, I'm using Windows 7 now and I'm using MS Office 2007 and 2010 but I also tried to install the MS Office 2003, and these are the steps that I have taken up:

1. Before anything else, make sure that you have a CD for MS Office.

2. Put the CD inside.

3. Wait while the CD is loading.

4. Then, a window set-up appears, follow the instructions, and if possible, always click the "YES" or "NEXT" option.

5. Click "Finish".

But if you want to install it from the Internet, you can do the following:

1. Search in Google or, then put "MS OFFICE 2003".

2. Choose from the available software for MS Office 2003.

3. Just simply click the download, then you will now have a new MS OFFICE. 

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How to install Office 2003



Check first the system type in your Windows 7 or operating system on your machine. To go there, click the start menu and then go to, My computer. Right click the icon, select properties. You can see the system type of your operating system if it is 32 bit or maybe 64 bits. 

Try to check that before installing MS office 2003 on your machine and then if it is 32 bits, check your software installer on the CD if it is 32 bits. If you don’t have an installer, download the software. Check the system type of the installer, before installing on your unit, to avoid errors or any problems while installing MS office 2003.

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