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Author: Yazid ait
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I wish I had a solution to end your part to properly install ufs-3 hwk windows 7 - 32 bit.
thank you for your help.

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Hello Yazid Ait,
The first thing you have to do is to find and download the drivers you are looking for. They can easily be found on drivers catalog web sites.
Once they are saved on your hard drive, you will have to install them manually, as the automated install is not supported.
Open the Computer - properties - devices. You will see UFS device there. Right click the device and install drivers manually.
After you're done, launch UpdateClient.exe. It will check for updates and eventually update your freshly installed drivers.
 Now you can install the suite package normally. I would also suggest you to go through the updates once the package is installed.

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Hello Yazid Ait

Have a nice day.

So your problem is simple one, can be accomplished within 2 hours.Ufs 3 driver can be download from following link.

Now reply me so that i can get informed that you are satisfied or not.The ufs software can be download from this link and install it in your drive, follow the direction and see what updates it gives. Hope for the best.