How to get previous profile page on faceBook

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How to remove timeline from Facebook? All the things in timeline seem scattered. I want to get my old profile page back?

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How to get previous profile page on faceBook



If you are using TIMELINE as your profile page then there is some easy steps to deactivate the timeline. Follow these steps:

1. Login to your Facebook

2. When you signed in, there are multiple options in your top right corner such as your name, home and friends.

3. You also see an arrow just beside the HOME link.

4. Dropdown this arrow. And you will find privacy setting, account setting and Logout.

5. Go to ACCOUNT setting.

6. Go to deactivate the account

7. There are some checkboxes, check this de activate is temporary

8. Click submit the form

9. Then type your password that you are using for your account

10. Then press OK

11. Then read the Captcha and follow the exact words of that captcha otherwise your request for deactivation is not submit.

12. Then press OK.

13. Then logout from Facebook and waits until 5 to 6 minutes and then login on Facebook.

14. Then you will get your previous profile page with a great calm.

Be careful to follow these steps otherwise you will not get your old page

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How to get previous profile page on faceBook


There is no solution for your problem once you used the timeline in your facebook it cannot be revert back again, this is due to the change that Mark Zuckerberg wanted. Let us just wait for that Mark Zuckerberg realizes that not all people like the change that he made, and maybe one day he reverts it back to the normal way.

Or let us just adjust to the changes that he has done in facebook, I know that is a way to improve more on his site. And for what I just heard Last January 24, 2012 Facebook announced its new profile design, "Timeline", will become mandatory and permanent for all users Let just enjoy this one.

Facebook timeline let us to learn to love it, hate it and to live with it

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