How to generate hex value of Mac adress?

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Please provide me the way of generating hex value of mac address. If the mac address has the following format. xx. xx. xx. xx. xx. xx. Are there easy ways to get the hex value via computer? What is the significance of this hex value in networking contexts?  

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How to generate hex value of Mac adress?





A MAC address, is a unique network identifier used to identify network adaptors on a Local Area Network (LAN). The LAN adaptors may be devices hooked up to your LAN, and may include the following; printer, laptop, desktop, the wired/wireless router, etc. These devices generate a unique identifier known as a MAC address.

As you already know, the MAC address is a 12 digit hexadecimal series of numbers written in the format you outlined above or


The first part identifies the designer of the adopter, while the other part represents the device’s serial number.


00:A0:F1 refers to the manufacturer.

30:D7:45 represents the device unique/serial number.

To avoid confusion with the IP or internet protocol address, I will give a summarized definition of the IP address.

The IP address, is a primary network protocol often used with the Transport Control Protocol (TCP), on the internet and has been in use on the internet since it was developed in 1970. Where as most computers use the IPV4 standard, there is a newer version denoted IPV6, with 16 bits of data compared to the IPV4’s four bits of data.


You will be able to find additional information on the conversion formula here and take a look at the expanded definition of MAC address here. Have a good one.

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How to generate hex value of Mac adress?


Hi Mary,

  Using hex values on MAC addresses makes more possibilities for combination as this allows numbers 0-9 and letters A-F which represents numbers 10-15.

  If you want to convert MAC Addresses to Hexadecimal value, you can use Windows Calculator< change it to scientific mode then choose Hex then type in the Hex value, and then choose Dec mode. You can do this vice versa or any mode you want.

   There is also a formula you can use, have the Hex number multiply by 16 then raise to the power of the digit’s number position. Having the first number power of zero (0) then so on.

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