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I am using a desktop which have pentium- 4 processor.  Suddenly I have found that one pin was broken and PC not working at all. It's really expensive to buy another one. So instead of buying, is there any way I  can  use this without any future effects regarding my motherboard? 


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Processor is highly sensitive device. It requires appropriate connectivity and heat management system. For smooth conductivity its gold plated. Any kind of disjoint or broken pin will cause severe overheating problem. So even if somehow you manage to fix the broken pin of the processor, it will not be an efficient processor rather it may damage your whole system. It is better to buy a new processor. If your motherboard has a heat sensor (entering in the bios and then selecting “pc health” section you can monitor the processor voltage and heat) then you should verify the status of the processor before you actually start using it with the operating system.

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An out of placed or broken PIN on a processor needs to put it back for it to work. However, you will get the best out of you if you're going to fix this by yourself. These Pins are sometime gold plated for it to function properly. And you'll need to have an extra tool and extra cautious to put the PIN back into the right place.

The same goes with other connector, if out is out of place and somewhat bend over then this won't communicate with other female connector. They must fit exactly and must place in the right spot. Male and female connector must be in place to make the cord communicate properly. This cause the hardware malfunction or not usable at all. If you still have the piece of the broken PIN, then you can use a soldering machine to put it back together. You will need an extra care and your hand must not shaky. You should control your pace and aim the right spot to put the PIN back with soldering machine. 

Sharath Reddy