How to fix my six computer LAN network problem?

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I have setup six computers for LAN network.

The problem that I am facing is all six computers are not able to share files at the same time.

Out of six computers only four computers are able to access each other, while the rest two have a problem accessing the network.

What could be the problem?

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How to fix my six computer LAN network problem?


Please do following:

1. Right click on network icon in notification area and click “Diagnose and repair”tab.

2. Recheck that all cables are connected accurately.

3. Make sure that all computers are ON, “file and printer sharing” on your network should be enabled.

4. If the problem began after new software installation, check your connection settings to see if it has changed?

5. Test your Networking router to see whether it is fully compatible with Windows by running the Internet Connectivity Evaluation Tool.

6. Check network discovery is turned on?

7. Install latest version of the network adapter driver.

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How to fix my six computer LAN network problem?

Hello Maisie, 
Here are some solutions for common computer network issues.
Make certain your PC is connected to a identified network.
Windows has a function built-in itself to repair network connections.
This can give some information as an error message. If you know what you are looking for, that could be helpful
Some of the common error messages are related with:
* Clearing the DNS cache
* Renewal of the IP address etc
Solution to apply for issues with clearing the DNS cache
The error message usually means that the DNS client service has been disabled.
Follow these steps to re-enable it, logging in as the administrator.
i) Open Services MMC plugin, under "Administrative tools" in the Control panel
ii) Find the “DNS Client” service in the list shown and enter its properties.
iii) Change the "Startup Type" from Disabled to Manual / Automatic and apply
iv) Reboot the PC and verify the result by an attempt to repair the connection again.
Solution for issues related to an IP address.
i) Open command prompt. Start / Programs / Accessories / Command Prompt.
ii) Type 'ipconfig /renew' and attempt to obtain an IP address.
Alternative solutions are updating the network drivers, check the network tools compatibility etc  
Hope you will get use from this.
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How to fix my six computer LAN network problem?

For fixing this kind of LAN Problem, you may follow these steps.
1.Check the computer name of the station to make sure that it is not duplicated.
Right click my computer>properties>change settings>computer name>change
2.Check the IP Addresses of each PC , make sure the IP is not complicated.
For trouble shooting:
Go to command prompt         
Enter this Ipconfig /release (to release the registered IP)
Ipconfig /renew (to get the new IP address from the DHCP server, provided that you set your network configuration to Dynamic or DHP)
3.Check the windows firewall make sure that it has turned off.
Control panel>system and security>windows firewall>turn windows firewall on or off>turn off windows firewall
For some reasons if this will not work. Check your antivirus make sure the firewall is disabled (this is for all brands of antivirus.)

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