How to fix EDK – SDK error Execution is suspended

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When I attempt to debug my software application (Software Development Kit), an error pops up with a message as shown below. Any ideas?

Error: Execution is suspended because of error.

Warning: Cannot insert breakpoint 1.

Error accessing memory address 0x7ff0 (undocumented errno-1).

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How to fix EDK – SDK error Execution is suspended


SDK stands for Software Development Kit or simply devkit. It is a set of software development tools that will let you create an application or applications for a particular software package, hardware platform, software framework, operating system, computer system, video game console or similar development platform. Common tools that are included are debugging aids and other utility programs which are frequently offered in an IDE or Integrated Development Environment.

SDKs may also have attached licenses that make them unsuitable in creating software designed to be constructed under an unsuited license. EDK stands for Embedded Development Kit. It is an integrated development environment for creating embedded processing systems. In your case since you are using a Software Development Kit, the problem may have been caused by a fault in your programming.

I’m not sure if you are aware but SDKs usually come with sample code as well as supporting technical notes and other supporting documentation. You can use this for any clarification you may need. Check your program and verify or compare it with the sample code so you can assess if you are using the right commands and parameters.

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