How To Find Cell Location Of A Stolen Or Lost Phone.

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GPS would be in one of the top positions, if we would be asked to select the features in our phone. It informs us about the route, helps parents to keep the track of their children etc. how to find cell location?

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How To Find Cell Location Of A Stolen Or Lost Phone.


GPS does help us to find location of a cell phone. This means that the app developers, advertisers, government etc. can get the information if we install a wrong app.

Thus GPS gives us the facility to turn off our GPS. You can track phone with the help of cellular towers. Our cell providers track us in this way. It knows what towers are present in our phones range and also knows where the towers are.

Now it is easier to track the location.

Accuracy relies on towers and the cell provider.

You can use Location smart to tap some ones location by phone. You just need to put a phone number, reply to a message and you can view the current location on map.

But for this the person whom you are tracking, has to allow the app to know their location.

To manage your location services go to settings->privacy/personal->location services.


It is a free website to find phone signal by the phone number.

It can locate stolen or lost phone in less than 20 seconds. You can track people without letting them know. You just have to enter the phone number and you will receive the locations via text. You can track through this website at any time, any place. You can use it worldwide.

It is based on finding the location with help of satellites. Even if the phone is switched off, you can locate the position just by the phone number.

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