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Dear friends,

I would want to extract a subject in a photo. I want to extract a product from this photo and transfer it to another. Need absolute help my friends.

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You can extract a subject by using a lasso tool. So let's talk about lasso too first. There are basically 3 types of lasso tool, the plain lasso tool, polygonal lasso tool and magnetic lasso tool. So first, the plain lasso tool is like a free style lasso. You can move anywhere you want with it, this is useful when you have a tablet. I also least likely to use this, it is difficult when using it by mouse. Next would be the magnetic lasso tool. At first, this was my  favorite tool as it stick automatically to nearby contrast of colors.

As time goes by, the advantage turns to disadvantage as it tends to follow on its own regardless your own desire. Lastly, would be the polygonal lasso tool. It automatically draws a straight line and stop as you click again. This is my tool of choice when extracting a subject as it follows everything you wanted. Also before you start the lasso tool, be sure to change the feather to 1-2 pixels in order for it to extract beautifully. That's all!

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Use polygon lasso tool. Before selecting it, make sure your feather is changed to 1-3 pixels. Now draw a line around your subject and after you complete drawing line around your it, you can simply extract it by copying it. After you extract your subject, be sure to finalize cleaning it by looking closely at the edges and delete some unwanted pixels. To do this, use the eraser tool and make sure you use a solid brush. We want our image to be sharp as possible.

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I have a question, I accidentally double clicked the mouse while I used the lasso tool. It directly completed the selection? How to undo this? This really bugs me off.

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Oh no. That is a pain in the buttocks. Yeah that is a big disadvantage in using the lasso tool. However, you can fix this by holding the alt key to try to deselect the unwanted portion.

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I agree. That problem is trouble some, although you can undo it but it add your work and waste of time. Be sure to click seldomly and far enough to avoid this problem.

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Wow! That really helps! I love this website! I can now do my work easier and as well as have my inspirations here! Good job guys!