How is erp application built on excel?

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I need your help to know how the erp application is built on excel. Please tell me the procedure of building.

Thanks in advance

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How is erp application built on excel?


Building and ERP application in excel can be from moderate difficulty to extremely difficulty.
I will give example how the principle work because it is a lot easier to explain.
If you have a company that buys computer parts from major suppliers,compile computers and later sells them you need to make system that have: -Ability to manage procuring of parts.
-Warehouse is needed with accurate state of items.
-Production module needs to get parts from warehouse and turn them into final product in this case PC and put product into Warehouse on final products
-From warehouse of final products there is exit of products to buyers. When sales happens warehouse needs to reduce number of sold products.
For this to work you need to set up following.
-Sheet where ID of products and parts would be stored
-Sheet with ID of suppliers
-Sheet with ID of buyers
-Sheet with warehouse state (best solution is for every warehouse different sheet)
-Sheet where entry of parts would be entered
-Sheet with components list needed for final product
-Sheet Production in which you enter how much products is produced. (Made structure in a way by daily production)
-Sheet where exit of products  would be entered.
All this should be connected in the way when a change happens in one sheet to effect all needed parts. (example when new parts arrives and entry is made it effects state of warehouse).
It is really important for a person who is making this solution in excel to be aware of things to be done and exceptions that are possible to happen and make structure to allow those exceptions to work as needed.
I would be able to explain you a lot better if you have more specifically question

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How is erp application built on excel?


Hi Dixon eartha

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. ERP application is something that integrates all the data & functions of an organization in to one system.

Basic ERP system at least should cover procure to pay cycle. Which means functions of the Purchasing, Inventory, Invoicing, Payments, & Sales should be handled by this integrated system & it should record all the relevant accounting entries arisen as result of the above functions should be automatically recorded in the General Ledger which is the hear of an ERP system.

Further there should be a proper link between each & every module (i.e purchasing, inventory, invoicing, etc)

Though I have mentioned the above key functions, there may be so many other functions link to ERP system such as Human Resource Management, Payroll, Cash Management, etc.

Further ERP act as a Business Management System well & it have the capacity to generate various kind of reports which requires to take business decisions.

Hence I would say it is extremely difficult to built a reliable ERP system on excel. Any way if you really want to built such a basic application on an Excel, you need to know most of the excel functions in order to do that as well and the concept of the ERP as I mentioned above.

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