How to download common computer icons?

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Hello experts,


How to download common computer icons? I want some icons that can be use for some business or technical matters. Tell me about a website that can let me download it for free and let me choose icons as well. Thank you.

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How to download common computer icons?


Hi Joan,

 Thats a good question to ask; I hope to be able to solve it as you expect! The computer icons can be downloaded from many various websites but its really important to know how to use them. When you download icons from these websites, they usually come in zipped folders, it is important that you know how to unzip these folders to the local drive. Some of these websites that will allow you to download and customize icons are websites such as;,,, icon changer for changing and customizing the icons in the desktop interface;

Once you are able to know how this software works, it becomes very easy to use it.

I hope this solves



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How to download common computer icons?


Greetings Joan,

I am here to assist you with your problem. If you're looking for icons, I highly recommend you visit this site:

Also, here's a pic to guide you on specifically where you can find what you need, which are icons mainly used for business. In fact, the site even offers more than just business icons and the selection is quite huge.

Just click any option from the Categories section. Then out of that selection, click your desired set of icons. Then from that, just click the image, then "Save Image as" the file type that you want. Then, there you have it.

Hope that helps!

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