How The Domain Name System Works – Method.

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What do you mean by DNS? How does it help us? How does the domain name system works? What are the different methods with the help of which we can know this?

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How The Domain Name System Works – Method.


DNS stands for Domain Name System. It help us to resolve the hostname which are readable by the humans into machine-readable IP addresses. It working is :

Step 1: At first, the computer looks at the local DNS cache. If there is no information regarding it, then it perform DNS query.

Step 2: Then it search in the Recursive servers and the information is return to user.

Step 3: If still the answer is not known then it asks the root nameservers.

Step 4: TLD nameservers will look at the first part of the query such as .com, .org, etc.

Step 5: Then TLD nameservers looks the the second part and authoritative nameservers gives information reagrding it

Step 6: Now after finding about it, it will save the information in the cache as well.

Step 7: Now the computer retrieves an information and open the website using your browser.

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