How Do You Develop a Simple Android Game of Tetris?

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I want to develop a Tetris game for android smartphones. How can I do this within the shortest possible time? Who can help me locate the right resources to achieve this aim? Is it doable in less than a week? What skills do I need to get started with this game development idea?

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How Do You Develop a Simple Android Game of Tetris?




The fastest way to develop any application is to understand machines and truly understand the process of creating an algorithm. Familiarize yourself with the theoretical function of a computer and how it manages information. Divorce your thoughts from a particular programming language (they are all the same) and focus on developing algorithms. If you have this understanding, a Tetris clone can be written in two days. A good Tetris clone can be spawned in two weeks.


Also, there have been scores of Tetris-like games spawned over the years and there is plenty of source code available. I suggest reviewing that code.


There are many development tools for Android. Many are designed to accelerate the development process, but I believe they are also designed for development teams or organizations substantial in size. Some would argue that you need an appropriate machine for software development. The only specialized tools you need are either a pencil and paper or a text editor. I also recommend brainstorming/mindmapping (algorithm) applications.

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