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I have the freeware Registry Driver Whiz installed on my desktop for updating out-of-date drivers.  I find it useless and I can't uninstall it.  How do I completely uninstall the Registry Driver Whiz software on my Windows XP 64 bit desktop?  Thanks in advance.

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To remove the driver whiz from the computer uses the manual process.
Log on the computer as the administrator to have all privileges
Stop all drive whiz program and make sure is not running
Go to control panel
Double click add and remove programs
Locate drive whiz and uninstall
If you fail the driver whiz in the list
Go to start and click run and type regedit and press enter in the registry editor
And delete all the registry keys of driver whiz
Search all the files and delete them

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To remove the driver Whiz or any other software on your computer using any Windows operating system you must first of all be logged in as an administrator, then from there you proceed with the following steps;

-Go to the Windows start icon and box at the bottom left of you computer

-Click on control panel

-When control panel opens click on "add or remove programs"

-From here you can easily select  driver whiz  and click on uninstall on the top of the page

-Follow the uninstall wizard that will lead you to the end of your Uninstallation  process.