How do I restore facebook data backup to a new account?

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Hey guys, 

I would like to know how to restore facebook data backup to a new facebook account. I have a copy of my information from facebook and what I need to do is to restore it to my new account. I don't really no how to do this however. Can anyone help me?

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How do I restore facebook data backup to a new account?


Hello Sue!

Unfortunately, there's no way you can restore all the data automatically. The back-up you have is just for personal use, the social network doesn't allow fully restoring it.

What you can do is to manually update your new account. Take the old photos and upload them again. Search your friends again on Facebook from the backup you have and send them a friendship request all over again. Then you can post new things, copy notes and dates, but they will keep the date you upload them at the current moment, and not the old one, unless you date them like that.

All the posts and messages will be lost, because they were saved on the online profile, and cannot be restored. They are part of the past and therefore, can't be found on your new profile.

I would recommend you to use an online storage site, like, that will help keep not only your Facebook account, but also all your accounts backed up in one place, on your desktop, ready to be controlled and updated.


Good luck!

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