How do I insert arrows swf file in my website?

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Hi guys,

Please bear with me as I am new to this. I'm trying to create a website with flash content. How do I insert arrows swf file in my website using Dreamweaver? I use Internet Explorer 7 as my browser on a Windows XP 64 bit system.


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How do I insert arrows swf file in my website?


Hi Harford Maud,
Here I am going to describe about “How to insert an arrow swf file in website by using Dreamweaver”.
1. Open your Design view from the Document window, move the pointer where you want to insert your content, then follow the instruction:
o In the Insert panel just select “Media” and click on the SWF icon .
o Follow this – Insert > Media > SWF.

2. Now select a “SWF file (.swf)”.
A SWF file will be shown in the Document window.
The tab represents the type of ability and the ID of the SWF file. The tab must be displayed an eye icon. It really acts as a snap between SWF file and the downloaded exact version of Flash Player.

3. Save the file.
Dreamweaver notifies you that two files one is expressInstall.swf and another is swfobject_modified.js. They are must be saved to a “Scripts folder” at your site. Must upload these files when you want to upload “SWF file” in your server. Browsers can’t show your SWF file appropriately until upload these two files.
Best of luck

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