How do I get ad Servers for WordPress projects?

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Hallo, Guys! There are several free content management systems all over but each one of them has its own limitations. I have been using WordPress and I think it is really great for blogging. To monetize my blogs, I would like to get ad servers for WordPress which I can connect to Paypal to get payments. If they are plugins, are they third party or they have been developed by WordPress? What are some of the shortcomings of using the plugins against the use of hard coding?

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How do I get ad Servers for WordPress projects?



Hi there Devin Hagyard,
The good thing about open source content management systems is that most of the things are already done and there is no need of hard coding. The main difference between something you created and already done plugin is in the number of features. If you are looking for something specific that is not already done it is always better to build the whole plugin from scratch than to recode the existing one.
I am not sure what kind of plugin you are looking for to manage your ads, but since adds often associate with blogs there are more than few adds managers that offer full control over the ads on your blog, including some sort of payment system. They are mostly third party plugins.
I would suggest you to check the following link: You will find the most popular plugins there with pretty clean explanations and lists of features for each.
Best regards,
Drake Vivian

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