How do I comfortable use IP changer with Windows 7?

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I am using windows 7 in my desktop and I use Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Recently I installed an IP Changer such as “Hide IP Extreme Package”. When I change my IP address then my internet connection does not work. Can anybody tell how do I solve this problem?


Chad Brown

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How do I comfortable use IP changer with Windows 7?


If you are using a cabled internet then this is really a problem. This kind of IP changer application is mostly intended to be used on Virtual Private Networks [VPN], or a proxy. The reason why you can not make a connection after the application changes your machine’s IP address is that your Internet Service Provider [ISP] doesn’t recognize your machine’s current IP address.

Correct me if I’m wrong but as far as I know, after signing up a contract with your Internet Service Provider [ISP] they will give you a specific IP address where your computer needs to be assigned to. I know that’s how it works before.

But I noticed with some of our local ISPs back here, you don’t need to assign your computer to a specific IP address to establish a connection. The connection is automated by visiting their website and activating your account there.

I’m not sure if this application will still help you if you are not using any VPN client or something to make a connection.

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