How do I acquire file xerox content bridge for overall printing?

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I have several clients who send me works to print in pre-determined sizes coming in different file types.

I do not want to keep installing applications to open the varying file types and therefore I would like to acquire file xerox content bridge for the job.

Does the application print all file types? Is it able to open the files as well or it simply prints directly?

Is it freeware?

Is it possible to blend it with another desktop application to automatically keep records of the printing?

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How do I acquire file xerox content bridge for overall printing?


Hi Dame,

 Xerox content bridge is a program or tool that is used to print directly from the printer without having to open a document or file in a computer though you can also open it if you so wish to do so

The application print the following types of files PDF,.tif,  .ps, .prn,.xdw,.tiff,  that is (PDF,JPEG,TIFF and XPS files)

The  printer options consider all the compatible printers that are in line with Xerox and you can blend it with another desktop.

Some of the windows that are compatible with Xerox include : Windows 2000, Windows 7, Windows 7 , Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2003 , Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 , Windows Vista, Windows Vista , Windows XP, Windows XP .

How to print directly

  • Choose the file you want to print
  • The printer options display all  the available printers in the network that it has detected
  • Click on the Xerox compatible printer to print
  • You can make any changes or create properties that you would wish your print out to have by clicking on the print settings and make all the changes or requirements that you require for example select the number of copies to make.
  • Then click okay/print to have the printing  job started.

You can get the free download from the below link

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