How to determine if somebody used your connection

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How do i know if someone is using my internet connection.

I'm using WiFi.


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How to determine if somebody used your connection


Hi Jerome,

If you notice someone is attaching on your network try to test your speed by speedtester, see if your speed really drops.
If you are using wireless router please secure your password before using it. Many laptop can easily access your network.
If you have a password then it will lock to the outsider.
Don't just simply give your passwords to anybody. Always make an update of your password. Change it as frequently as you can especially if somebody know your previous pass.
Try to have alphanumeric combination so that it will not access your connection. Be aware of the new software that can modify your network. They have a password dictionary database that automatically search to their database.
If your password is just letter combination then probably it can be accessed illegally.
Make sure you have an alphanumeric combination like lyle12345 just to make it sure.
Tony Stevenson
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How to determine if somebody used your connection


First, you need to know the IP address of the computer you want to connect to.

The only sure way to  be able to connect to your PC’s is to use an ISP that provides you with a static IP address. Most ISPs give customers dynamic IP addresses, which can change every few days or even hours.

Because your IP address is the way you’ll locate your computer on the net, you’ll need to know what your IP address is you can ask you isp to help with this

Now that you know your IP address, you need to make sure that Remote Desktop Connection is enabled. Make sure your firewall is configured to allow incoming connections

Then you turn on Remote Desktop Connection in the System Control Panel you can do this by going  to the start option then click on the Control Panel, System make sure to Check the Remote tab  to Allow users to connect remotely to this compute this option must be checked then You’ll have  one user account that requires a password for your security reasons to log in you need to open the Remote Desktop Connection client on your remote do this to do this go  to Start, Programs, Accessories, Communications, Remote Desktop Connection. Input the IP address you want to connect to Then enter your username and password.

Then click on the connect option and your in.

good luck

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