How to decide the problem with vbscript hex encode?

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I am getting many problems with vbscript hex encode on my web. I need to fix those errors but I don’t know which code to use and how can I write that. Can anybody provide me the right code or the site where can I get it? Thank you in advance!

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How to decide the problem with vbscript hex encode?



Following are the code for hexencode and decode .

  Hexencode function  precedes the string with  % so that it is easily used in the url. Here this hexEncode function expects the input parameter as a string and then  convert  one by one every character of the string into ASCII and then into hex.

Mid , asc, hex is a built-in vbscript function.

function hexEncode(str)

            dim strEncoded, i

            strEncoded = ""

            for i = 1 to Len(str)

                        strEncoded = strEncoded + "%" + Hex(Asc(Mid(str, i, 1)))


            hexEncode = strEncoded

end function

The hexDecode function accepts the encoded string and decodes it to original string. Chr, clang is the built-in vbscript function.

function hexDecode(str)

            dim strDecoded, i, hexValue

            strDecoded = ""

            for i = 2 to Len(str)

                        hexValue = ""

                        while Mid(str, i, 1) <> "%" and i <= Len(str)

                                    hexValue = hexValue + Mid(str, i, 1)

                                    i = i+1


                        strDecoded = strDecoded + chr(CLng("&h" & hexValue))   next

            hexDecode = strDecoded

end function


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