How to create a Website Shortcut on Desktop?

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I surf on two or three Websites on a daily basis, and it is so frustrating to type the web address or search in between a lot of bookmarks for those particular sites. So, does anyone have knowledge how to create a Website Shortcut on the desktop screen?

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How to create a Website Shortcut on Desktop?


When you start visiting a site so frequently, you always think that isn’t there any fast method to directly jump over there. To help you, here’s the best ways to create a Website shortcut on desktop:

1. Directly from Internet Explorer 9-

 Open IE9 and browse to the page you want to create shortcut of.

 Right-click anywhere on the blank screens, and then chooses ‘Create Shortcut’.

 Click ‘Yes’ button to give confirmation.

2. Using Drag and Drop on IE9-

 Open the Web page that you want as a shortcut.

 Smaller the size of the browser window.

 Locate the icon near the address bar as illustrated below.

 Drag the icon to the desktop and release the mouse.

3. From the Windows Desktop-

 Right-click on the screen and click on New > Shortcut.

 Begin typing the location of the item. In this case, enter the full URL, including HTTP and colon, etc.

 Click on the Next button, and give a title to this shortcut. You can enter the name of the Website for easy reference.

 Click on the Finish button.

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