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I want to make a speech bubble on PDF format. What are the steps needed to perform this? What software is capable of creating a speech bubble on PDF format? Or something that I can install with my Adobe software. Please send me some suggestions. Thank you.        

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Hi samantha

Well for creating a speech bubble in a pdf format there is more than one way ,basically two ways to do that first is using the pdf reader program and the second is using special program,for the first you need your pdf file/document to be enabled for adding comments if it is so follow this steps before doing it make sure you are using Adobe Acrobat Reader (version 8 or higher).

First  after opening the pdf file go to view menu then select toolbars after that « comment and markup » and there you should find « sticky note » drag it using the mouse and place it where you wish to add your comment finally save the document

Second way is using special programs for adding bubble speech for a pdf file is it’s not enabled to comments and i recommend you use Adobe InDesign (using any version) that if you want to add comments to the file and make it look more professional