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Author: Nina Hayes
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How to create a new database? Please give easy steps since I’m new to it. Your help will be much appreciated. Thanks!

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Hi Nina,

You can use the CREATE DATABASE <database name> statement. But before that, you have few things to consider. You need to create a user account on the on the database for you to use when opening the connection. The user you are to create must have enough rights to create a database. You can use the Database Configuration Assistant (DBCA) which has a graphical user interface for creating Oracle databases. You can also create database manually using a script. 

Take a look at this web site to learn more about how to create Oracle databases.

I hope it helps.

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Hello Nina,

There are two steps for creating an Oracle database.
By using the DBCA (Database Configuration Assistant) and by using a CREATE statement to do it manually.
And most importantly, some facts are there which need your attention, like Oracle System ID (SID), Establishing admin authentication, SYSDBA, Instance etc.

So rather than stating all of them here, its more convenient  if you can learn more from the guide to Oracle Database Administration. You can understand everything as they are described in much simple methods 

Follow this link to the Oracle Database Administration Guide:

Hope you will get help out of this and learn everything.