How to create conversation log sheet?

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I running a small business I need conversation log sheet to create for all outgoing and incoming calls. Can anyone help me figure it? Which is required to do that please tell me with details. Please help Mr. Exparts from all around the world.

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How to create conversation log sheet?


Hello, Keith C Flick

Hope you are fine.

In Excel, put the data given below in Row 1, from columns A into E:



Call Start

Call End


Selecting cells C2 into E2 now right-click  > "Format" >"Cells," and make sure the cells have the 24 hour date format because it is standard but is not mandatory.

Now click on the Data tab in Excel 2007 > "Data Validation."

Select "Time" from drop- down menu, keep it at "between,"  

Select a starting time of 00:00, and an ending time of 23:59.

Now put the formula in cell E2: "=MOD (D2-C2, 1)." It determines the duration of the call.

The =MOD () function specifies the starting call before midnight and ending calls after midnight to give the correct duration.

Hope you will get your answer.


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How to create conversation log sheet?


Thank you for your query.

I am giving you a sample file which you can use as a log record file.

Here you find all possible boxes to record the necessary data.

For further query feel free to ask question Filesnack.

Have a nice day



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