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I have a file produced as a .jpg by the camera. I want to use it to create a logo, but the design company asked for an .eps file.

I used a normal picture viewer to transform it to .eps, but I don’t know if it’s a true one.

Anyone knows if there is a way to convert .jpg to true .eps? 

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There are many tools online that can help you convert .jpeg files into .eps files. You can either buy it or look for a free download in the internet. It is also easy to convert .jpeg files to .esp files in Adobe Photoshop. You can just use this if you have one instead of buying or looking for free converter software in the internet. To convert .jpeg files into .esp files, load the .jpeg file in the Adobe Photoshop. Go to File and select Save As. In the Format menu, select Photoshop EPS. Save then confirm your EPS export options. Click OK and that's it. Your .jpeg file is now converted to .eps file.