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I want to create a new blog with the old database, Wordpress based blog. Without having to install it again in Cpanel using the auto installer, so I just upload a file from the old blog to new domain.

I want to ask what needs to be in the backup? How to stage to perform his own clone Wordpress blog?

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There are many ways you can do it. You can do it manually by making changes to word press or now days there are many tools available which directly clone your site to word press code.

You just have to buy it from somewhere or manage an illegal copy which can do the work for you free of cost.

You can also find free tools download which can directly clone and convert your blog to word press.

It’s just that you must be lucky enough to find it or use your brains and search for such tools on Google where everything is available. Just choose the best one and you are ready to go.

Thanks.. Enjoy :)

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Hello there!

Yes, you can move your exact wordpress blog to another domain. Just follow these steps:

1. On the new domain, create a "robots.txt" with these contents: 

              1 User-agent: *

              2 Disallow: /

2. Copy the database and files from the current domain to the new domain.

3. On the new domain, edit "wp-config.php" and enter the right settings for the domain and the following:

              1 define ('WP_SITEURL', 'place here the url of your new site');

              2 define ('WP_HOME', 'place here the url of your new site');

4. Setup the same settings of your old domain to the blog install for the new domain.

5. Using "Search and Replace plugin", search and replace old URL with the new URL.

6. After moving wordpress and checking its databases/files, remove "robots.txt" file.

7. On the old domain (blog), look for "apache.htaccessor vhost-config" and add this:

             1. Redirect 301 /blog/<enter here the URL of your new site>/

8. Remove the databases/files on the old domain.

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wow autoblog sounds good for me, never use theme before..Thanks for sharing Daniel Cruize..

with use Search and Replace plugin I can replace anything? great! again thanks  Angela A