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How to clear ram space on smart phone? I am just a newbie in the industry of smart phone and I want to know more about this. Is it really necessary to clear ram space on smart phone? Please do share your ideas with me experts.

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If you want to increase the performance of your phone, then it is necessary to have your ram as free as possible. When the phone is running any application, the phone processor store bits of detain the ram so that it can access them easily and faster. If by any chance the ram space is almost full, then it takes a much  longer time for the processor to access the required data bits from the ram.

To free up ram space, always ensure that no unnecessary background processes and updates are running. This can be done by making sure that instead of minimizing an app, close it completely.

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RAM is storage space used to keep data like in a filing cabinet ready for use when needed. When your phone’s RAM is full, there is not enough space left to run user interface hence it slows the phone down.

To free up some memory:

Configure your phone to only receive attachments that you need and save them in a storage cad. To do this go to Messaging > Tools > Options > Storage tab Delete any unnecessary large files and store the necessary ones in the storage card Periodically delete internet files that are temporary. To do this, go to Tools > Options > Memory tab > Delete files. Also keep clearing history although it does not occupy too much space Remove 3rd party programs that you no longer use. To do this go to Settings > System > Memory > Running programs. Select all unnecessary programs and select stop

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Hello Frank Rivera,

You should have mentioned whether you are using an android, iOS, or windows. Because each has its own way of freeing RAM usage. So I presume you are talking about an android phone. The easiest way to free RAM is by killing apps. And when you are using too many apps or opened many, than it's quite tough to close it all. So I highly recommend you to download and install Clean Master. It is the best cleaner software for android yet. There are many positive feedbacks, over 2 million download with 5 star rating. In clean master you can free apps with one click, clear junk files and many. Here is the Clean Master download link.

Hope it helps!


Wagner Desantiago