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I am using Lotus 1-2-3 installed on a server. I used to be able to change the colours but now, when I click the colour box, it appears empty, with no colour option.

All the computers in my network run on Windows XP SP2 and the server works with Windows 2000.

How to get the colour box back in function? 

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Hi Randolph,

I hope what you are asking is font colour if so then the steps to follow to change the font colour are this:

select a file then choose preferences, then select user preferences.

click on basic tab and select default fonts.

At this point select your default font colour from the dropdown box, here you can also change your style and or size then click ok when your done. Close your lotus notes then restart your program for your font to take effect. Follow this because it will sort your problem.

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There are some simple steps you have to follow so that the color box works again.

1)    Go to Display Properties
2)    Click on Appearance
3)    Click on Effects box

4)    If the first box “transition effects for menus” is checked, uncheck it.
5)    Click on OK
6)    Click on Apply

After that you should be able to change colors again.