How can you make satellite and cell phone calls?

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Anyone here have an idea about making calls through satellite and cell phone?

How can we avail it?

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How can you make satellite and cell phone calls?


I have understood your problem and I have a solution for you. This will resolve the problem completely.

There are several methods by adopting these you can make easily satellite or phone calls as well. Like there are several software and web services for this purpose.

And many more.

As you are trying to make the satellite calls and the mobile phone also.

So, I will recommend you specially to install the Skype because this is better and cheaper service provider.

Hope so you got the point.
Best of luck for your future.

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How can you make satellite and cell phone calls?


Since it is normal for a person to send a phone call to any part of the world using a cell phone, there is also another way of making a call without using your mobile handset.

This is through websites that offer VoIP or Voice over IP. Examples of these sites are Skype, Yahoo!, and Google. In Skype, you can send a voice call simply using the client. But to do this you need to load credit to your account to actually make a call.

In Yahoo!, installing the Yahoo! Messenger will also enable you to do a voice call to the other party. The other person should also be using the Yahoo! Messenger to begin the conversation. This is the simplest and cheapest way of making a call that doesn’t involve loading of credits to your account. The other person only needs to install Yahoo!

Messenger so you can talk to each other. If you have a Google account, you will also be able to make a call but you also need to load credits to your account.

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