How can we identify the real capacity micro sd card?

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I have been using a 4 GB Macro SD card in my cell phone, where I can store about 3.5 GB data. From where I am able to use about 120 MB space of video and audio files. I came to know that there are two types of Macro SD. 

One is upgraded macro SD (Which normally upgrades from lower capacity of memory chips). Another one is Real capacity Macro SD (it makes from same size or capacity of memory chips).
Could you tell me what is the best way to identify the Real capacity and upgraded Macro SD.
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How can we identify the real capacity micro sd card?

Dear Samiafa,
4 gb Upgraded Micro SD cards
Its really hard to determine fake (upgraded Micro SD cards) by simply looking at it. Upgraded Micro SD cards are available everywhere and in plenty. Worst of all, when you load it on your PC, it will read that fake capacity. So it becomes pretty hard to identify a fake one.
If for example, the Micro SD card was originally 2 GB and it's upgraded, let's say to 16 GB, you can only store files of 2 GB capacity. Beyond that, the files you save will be corrupted. This is one way to identify a fake Micro SD card.
16 gb Upgraded Micro SD cards
Another way is by installing a software known as 'H2testw'. This software will help you check for fake Micro SD cards.
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How can we identify the real capacity micro sd card?

The real capacity of the Micro SD card is the compatibility check to the Micro SD card. You must refer first your product to the documentation, to confirm the maximum speed to support the capacity, and the compatibility with SDHC memory cards if SDHC, miniSDHC, or microSDHC before purchase and the micro SDHC card
IF you are using it as a high storage device the capacity (8 GB) for storing a data and digital content such as high quality photos, video, and music.
The speed performance rating of the microSDHC, its specification based on SD 2.00 speed and then just do not purchase or buy on eBay as most of the products there are fake.

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