How can we classify E-Commerce.

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E-Commerce is an emerging concept. How can we classify E-Commerce by the nature of transactions? How does E-Commerce differ from EDI?

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How can we classify E-Commerce.


E-Commerce uses Internet to communicate, transact and do business online. You need to have computer and Internet access to perform transaction on the Internet.

This can be compare to the standard business transaction in commerce's world. Let's say, banking transactions -you need to bring yourself on the actual location (bank) and perform transaction to the bank teller. This applies to E-Commerce however the difference is, instead the bank teller, you'll need to transact using your keyboard and your computer.

You'll need to go to the website, do the transaction, log-in using your account, do transact in the form of account number, credit card number or whatever is required to complete the transaction.

You can purchased, pay, update bills and any other related online transactions, except withdrawal of money, of course.

This type of transaction is getting famous because of easy access anywhere you are as long as you have Internet access. Mostly, to E-Commerce do online transaction that involved money. While other transaction online only updates data file and other documents. The same as EDI – Electronic Data Interchange.

EDI transfer data information from organization to organization, including part of the organization or sub-user but not involving money.

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How can we classify E-Commerce.


Hi Sarah,

E-Commerce in my understanding entails activities that involve buying and selling of goods and services online or simply trading online. For instance, when you buy a commodity from ebay or, then that is e-commerce: You are doing a business transaction online that involve commodities and money.

Electronic Data Interchange on the other hand deals with the electronic or online transmission of data between organizations. And therefore EDI is not possibly a business transaction where buying and selling is done but a process that involves the exchange of data. No money is not necessarily part of the deal in EDI.

Hope this helps.


Lee Hung.

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