How can I try cloud computing?

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I want to ask about cloud computing. How can I try cloud computing? I know that cloud computing will help to increase computer's processing speed by giving it's workload over cloud computing system. Is there any network to join to use this service? Can I set up my own one if there are few machines at my place?

Give me a clear solution for this please.


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How can I try cloud computing?



As you know the basic working and mechanism of Cloud Computing that it is a technique of resource sharing where storages of different systems are connected with each other to create a big pool of networks. When applications are run, resources are allocated from this pool and connected to the user as needed.
There is no specific network provider for cloud computing, but you can connect to a network in case your own setup is not big enough. Public cloud access networking is very common web, though some cloud providers may be able to support virtual private networks (VPNs) for large customers.
Many of these network providers do not use “Encrypted Tunnel” so your data and information is not safe traveling through these tunnels. So it is recommended not to over trust these network providers.
When encryption is available it is best to join these networks and avail the services offered to you.
Your Own Cloud Network:-
Yes you can setup your own cloud computing network. This may include an Internet VPN or VPN service from a network operator. If application access was satisfactory in a "pre-cloud" configuration, a transition to private cloud computing is not likely to impact access performance.
Hope it explains!!

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