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Hi there,

How can I stop my computer from buffering on videos?

Thank you.

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This is a very common question. When you need to watch a big video, buffering is a real headache. Isn’t it?
I hope your PC is not a damn slow machine. Otherwise the problem is completely with the Internet connection. If it is, try to improve the bandwidth of the Internet connection that you have.
Another thing is, if you try to watch the video when another program that uses the Internet is running, it also can cause this problem. Example: Active download, active ADM application. So close these kind of applications, when watching videos online.
Also try to watch short length videos. If you want to watch long videos open it, push it, then after buffer play and watch.
Thank you.

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If you have a dial-up or a slow Internet connection, you cannot stop your computer from buffering on videos, unless you change your service provider or upgrade to a higher Internet speed. But if you do have a high speed connection, you may try to increase your buffer rate. If you know what software the video is setting, you can change the preferences to a lower speed setting or a higher buffer rate.
The higher the buffer rate is, the longer you have to wait before the video or music will start but doing so will help eliminate the buffering pauses during video.
The second thing is to check, if your computer has spyware or a virus. Also, if you have low amounts of RAM, there will be less resources available for the programs to view videos.

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You can stop the buffering on videos, on your computer by simply pausing the media player every 5-10 second or if not click the network buffering. To go there,simply go to the media player, right click and click options. Choose the performance and you can see the network buffering, you may change the content of the buffer. Any video that you watch on the Internet requires you to have a flash player, or use the Windows Silverlight or java.
If not, may be your video player or your video card has a problem. You must check the delay in your Internet connection or check the Internet speed, if there are some connection difficulties and you may test the speed of your Internet by using the online speed test.