How can I open password encrypted web page on Wix?

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Good day everyone!

Please help me open password encrypted web page at

It is my first time to create a website with the use of, which is free and I can customize my own website without any knowledge in HTML.

And since I don't have any background in programming and I was just clicking whatever catches my eye, I "accidentally" activated a password protection on that webpage.

After several days, I returned to my site to take a look at my webpage, but it's already password encrypted and as dumb as I am, I forgot the password. And I am not familiar with complicated things on the web.

So is there any way I can open it?

Can anyone give me a step-by-step instruction on how doing it?

Looking forward to reading your solutions for my problem.


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How can I open password encrypted web page on Wix?


Hello Iamdannix,

I'm not so familiar with wix but I will try to help you with it. Here's the step you need to follow.

1. Using the Editor, open your website.

2. Then, select the Page (which is secured by password).

3. From the right menu, select the PASSWORD.

4. And finally click Remove.

If still doesn't work for you, try to visit their support center.

Hope it helps.

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