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Hi there!

I have a 14 year old kid and I have gotten him an iPhone to aid him in his research and studies. I have read on the internet of KIK and I checked his iPhone and realized that he is a regular user. I have not seen anything wrong so far but the fear instilled by the reviews I read made me freeze. Can someone tell me how to monitor KIK so that my boy cannot use it in a manner that might prove detrimental?

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KIK is rated 17+ in the app store and it is not possible to monitor what your child does on the internet. Apps can only be restricted by the content and the way to do by adjusting the app ratings to prevent the download of adult apps like KIK.
To do this:
1. Go to Settings | General | Restrictions
2. Enable Restrictions and enter the passcode
3. Scroll down to Allow Content, Click on Apps
4. On Allow Apps Rated screen, click on the highest rating that you want to allow. The ratings shown will be marked in red will not be allowed.