How can I install proteus 7.7 version in xp?

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I have Proteus 7.7 and my operating system is windows XP, every time when I click setup to install but it does not work.

I have tried several times but the result is same.

How can I solve the problem?

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How can I install proteus 7.7 version in xp?


The Proteus Design Suite is wholly unique in offering the ability to co-simulate both high and low-level micro-controller code in the context of a mixed-mode SPICE circuit simulation. With this Virtual System Modeling facility, you can transform your product design cycle, reaping huge rewards in terms of reduced time to market and lower costs of development.

If one person designs both the hardware and the software then that person benefits as the hardware design may be changed just as easily as the software design. In larger organizations where the two roles are separated, the software designers can begin work as soon as the schematic is completed; there is no need for them to wait until a physical prototype exists. In short, Proteus VSM improves efficiency, quality and flexibility throughout the design process..
What is Proteus VSM?
Proteus Virtual System Modeling (VSM) combines mixed mode SPICE circuit simulation, animated components and microprocessor models to facilitate co-simulation of complete microcontroller based designs. For the first time ever, it is possible to develop and test such designs before a physical prototype is constructed.
This is possible because you can interact with the design using on screen indicators such as LED and LCD displays and actuators such as switches and buttons. The simulation takes place in real time (or near enough to it): a 1GMHz Pentium III can simulate a basic 8051 system clocking at over 12MHz.
Proteus VSM also provides extensive debugging facilities including breakpoints, single stepping and variable display for both assembly code and high level language source.
Circuit Simulation
At the heart of Proteus VSM is ProSPICE. This is an established product that combines uses a SPICE3f5 analog simulator kernel with a fast event-driven digital simulator to provide seamless mixed-mode simulation. The use of a SPICE kernel lets you utilize any of the numerous manufacturer-supplied SPICE models now available and around 6000 of these are included with the package.
Proteus VSM includes a number of virtual instruments including an Oscilloscope, Logic Analyzer, Function Generator, Pattern Generator, Counter Timer and Virtual Terminal as well as simple voltmeters and ammeters. In addition, we provide dedicated Master/Slave/Monitor mode protocol analyzers for SPI and I2C – simply wire them onto the serial lines and monitor or interact with the data live during simulation. A truly invaluable (and inexpensive!) way to get your communication software right prior to hardware prototyping.
Should you wish to take detailed measurements on graphs, or perform other analysis types such as frequency, distortion, noise or sweep analyzes of analog circuits, you can purchase the Advanced Simulation Option. This option also includes Conformance Analysis – a unique and powerful tool for Software Quality Assurance.
Co-Simulation of Microcontroller Software
The most exciting and important feature of Proteus VSM is its ability to simulate the interaction between software running on a microcontroller and any analog or digital electronics connected to it.
The micro-controller model sits on the schematic along with the other elements of your product design. It simulates the execution of your object code (machine code), just like a real chip. If the program code writes to a port, the logic levels in circuit change accordingly, and if the circuit changes the state of the processor's pins, this will be seen by your program code, just as in real life.
The VSM CPU models fully simulate I/O ports, interrupts, timers, USARTs and all other peripherals present on each supported processor. It is anything but a simple software simulator since the interaction of all these peripherals with the external circuit is fully modeled down to waveform level and the entire system is therefore simulated.
VSM can even simulate designs containing multiple CPUs, since it is a simple enough matter to place two or more processors on a schematic and wire them together.
Uninstall old versions of Proteus first.
Delete the program folder Labcenter manually (Labcenter Electronics folder)
Run Proteus 7.1 sp2 setup file
Remove old Proteus license (if exists)
Point to the new LICENCE.lxk in the patch folder and install it.
Continue the installing steps
After all, run the patch file ( patch.exe ) point it to your Proteus folder
That's all, enjoy.
UPDATED INSTRUCTIONS (for Proteus 7.7 SP2 Only):
Install Proteus from the given setup.
Install the Service Pack 2 update (ENG ver.).
Install the License file.
Extract the ‘Library’ & ‘Models’ folders from the compressed file.
Select all the files in the ‘Library’ folder and copy it to the ‘Library’ folder of Proteus. Rename the files having same file-name.
Now, do the similar procedure for the contents of ‘Models’ folder.
Start Proteus. All the Libraries and Models will automatically be added.
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How can I install proteus 7.7 version in xp?


Proteus 7.7 works in Windows XP as well as in other versions Microsoft Windows Operating System.

If after all several process of installation you got no luck on installing the software, you might download a file or installation file that is corrupted.

Instead of download the software on the same downloading site, why not to try to download the installation software from any other site or better to download the software system support site to make sure that you are downloading a valid and reliable installation files. After downloading from a reliable source, install the downloaded application.

Checking the bit of your computer or operating system may help you also solving the problem. Some software does not work in 64 bit or vice versa. Check for the compatibility of the software.

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How can I install proteus 7.7 version in xp?


Before installing Proteus 7 and any other applications, make sure you have reviewed the system requirements to make sure your computer is perfectly eligible to run the program. Proteus 7 supports Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8. For Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1, try troubleshooting using compatibility mode in case you encounter a problem with the installation.

It requires Intel Pentium 4 or faster processor, 256 MB RAM, 250 MB free hard drive space, and video card with OpenGL 2.0 support. If your video card doesn’t support OpenGL 2.0, the program will still run but only in Windows GDI mode. When this happens, the display is handled by the operating system or Microsoft Windows instead of the graphics adapter.

In this case, several of the features of the program will not be available and you might experience an adverse effect on the performance. If you are using a built-in video card from Intel, better add a separate video card. Labcenter Electronics Ltd. recommends using either NVIDIA or AMD ATI as graphics adapter. If you verify your system is fully compatible, try running the installer with an elevated privilege.

To do this, right-click on the Proteus installer, point to “Run as”, and select “Administrator” in Microsoft Windows XP or select “Run as administrator” in Microsoft Windows 7.

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