How can i increase my dial-up internet speed

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How can i increase my dial up internet speed help me please.

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How can i increase my dial-up internet speed



Below are some solutions which can help you increase speed in dial up internet connection:

  • Do not frequently clear your browser's cache. The whole point of having a browser's cache is to speed up dial up internet connection.
  • Be sure you have high speed internet included in your dial up internet access provide account
  • Stop flash video when browsing at a website
  • Other than MS Internet explorer, you should use a different browser like Google Chrome
  • Download free malware removal program
  • Avoid using email clients like MS outlook.
  • Close any file sharing programs like LimeWire
  • Download a computer system cleaning tools

I hope it helps.


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How can i increase my dial-up internet speed


We have many ways on how we can increase the speed of your Dial up internet.

I will be giving you some easy steps for these.

1. You will need to check the condition of your phone line. If there is a static sound try to move your computer in different jack, or try replacing the filter of the jack. That might be defective already.
2. Check the modem model. Be sure you will be using a standard modem
3. Be sure that the modem's setting is at the highest transmission speed it allows. For 56 kb modem speed should be set to 57600
4. Disable pop-ups. That is one factor why connection slows down.Just use it when necessary.
5. Ensure that the computer is operating properly. Keep significant amount of memory in the hard drive.
6. Clear Browser cache. It should be frequently cleaned.
7. Disable add-on internet software.

I hope I was able to help you with some easy steps to increase your connection.

Have a good day!

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