How can i get into the system Setup ???

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Hi All,

I need to change some settings on my computer specifically the power settings. 

And I need to do it on the system set up but when I get to start up, I press certain keys but all I get is booting option. 

How can I get into the system set up, can you please help me?


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How can i get into the system Setup ???



I have some solution and I hope it will work for you. Regarding your question as PC troubleshooter that's called BIOS or CMOS setup. But take note if your PC has a password you must know it before entering in your system setup and then be careful and advice to ask some help from a PC technician for some good results in changing power supply. 

As of now the latest to entering to the set up is following:

  1. Open your computer and then turn it on, before opening you can press DEL in your keyboard then BIOS or CMOS will pop up and then you can change your power setting as indicated in your problem.
  2. You can visit this site CREDITS of hardwaresecrets You can review and follow their guide as indicated.

I hope it will answer you question or problem.

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How can i get into the system Setup ???


Hello Jones,

To get into the system set up on your computer, just restart the computer and then when the computer is in the booting process, press F8 on your keyboard. 

You will be taken to the system set up which is in command line mode and there you can change the power settings as you want, the date and time settings and the BIOS settings too.

But you can still change the power settings using the power options too if you are using windows 7. You do not have to necessarily change them from the system set up mode. 

On your computer, click on the power identity icon and then choose power options. Change the power plan settings as you wish in the window that will come up and then save the changes.


Mahesh Babu

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How can i get into the system Setup ???



Restart your computer and press the delete key or press another key F2 in your keyboard. The prime groups of the location are listed on the left and you can see location in a group. Climax the group and press enter.

On the right side, you can see display shows the rate for that setting type, change the settings that appear on the screen but certain settings need you to reboot the computer for new settings to take affect.

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How can i get into the system Setup ???


I followed the steps you gave Jaymark. 

I was able to change the power settings in the CMOS setup. 

I thought it will be difficult and I needed to call a technician but it was pretty easy. 

Good thing there's TechyV.

Thank you all Jaymark. 

Mahesh Babu, and Esther Clever

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