How can I get rid of this?

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Hi to all of you!

Last night, when I used Mozilla Firefox to open a site that starts with (https), then an error occurred. So, I decided to just open it this morning, but the same thing happened. I checked if it will also appear in the Internet Explorer, and it did not.

My question now is, is it a Mozilla issue or is it just a local browser issue? How can I get rid of this?

Here is the error:

Mozilla Firefox Error:

Unable to verify the identity of as a trusted site

Possible reasons for this error:

Your browser doesn’t recognize the certificate authority that issue the site certificate

The site’s certificate is incomplete due to a server misconfiguratiion

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How can I get rid of this?


Hi, Mozilla Firefox had lost the bookmarks file. i mean the browsing address where it want to go So give the URL on the browsing address, it will work before. Follow this instruction:

>> Go Mozilla Firefox, find the menu button.

>> Bookmarks,bookmarks toolbars

>> Select started now

You have to see the link through the bookmarks is valid. if don't then please entire the valid address.

Another will

Check your network connection, file menu for checking that are you select offline mode or right.

You can re-install the Mozilla Firefox. this will be very effective and right one for you. I say it for that don't do anything being repair.

Just keep real and original. make happy to use.

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