How can I be sure that my wireless is secured?

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How can I be assured that my WiFi connection was not being accessed by our neighbors and is there any application that detect or prevent intruders in connecting to my WiFi?

My WiFi has a password and it is only exclusive for family use.

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How can I be sure that my wireless is secured?


To find out whether your WiFi is being used by your neighbors or not:

  1. All the WiFi routers have got some IP address. It depends whether which company's router you have i.e Tp-link,D-link, linksys or whatever. Open your internet browser and enter the default ip address of your router. In many cases it is "" & Press enter. You will be asked to enter the username & password. Enter both as "admin"
  2. Then look for "Wireless Statistics" under the Wireless tab on the side panel of the page. A list of connected WiFi users will appear infront of you. The number of MAC addresses listed there would let you know the number of people connected to your WiFi router & their MAC addresses as well.
  3. By looking at the MAC addresses listed there, you can get to know how many people are connected to the internet using your WIFI router.

To prevent intruders in connecting to your WiFi:

Under the Wireless tab on the sidepanel of the page, look for "Wireless MAC Filtering"

There you can make a list for Enabled devices (in which you can list the MAC address of the computers to use your WiFi only) and by doing so, the people who aren’t added in the list would not be able to connect to your WIFI even by knowing the password

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How can I be sure that my wireless is secured?



If you try to connect your WiFi and you put password on it, then your wireless network is secured. And also, I will highly recommend to set the security level to WPA instead to WEP. You also need to go to the router's setup to change the password and the security levels.

The default IP address for most routers is

Type this in your web browser's address bar and it did ask username and password. Well, the username will be usually "admin" and the Linksys router the default password is also "admin".

On the Netgear routers the default password is just " password ".

I am hoping this simple instruction helps.

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