How to avoid with sim card spoofing for mobile?

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Hi. Mobile is commonly used now a days in the world and SIM plays basic role to start communication with others. But there are negative sides too. Last day my SIM stopped running and no signal showed. I was wondering what’s happened. I went to franchise and surprised to know that ownership had been changed. My  Is such sim card spoofing is possible? If yes then how to avoid it? Any guidance please

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How to avoid with sim card spoofing for mobile?



Hi there Stephen Vanness,
I am sorry to hear about your troubles.
As far as I know, there is no software that is able to change the ownership of the SIM card without either contacting the mobile provider or having the physical access to the actual SIM card. Therefore, the only way to protect your SIM card from spoofing is to be careful and not to give your mobile phone/SIM to the persons you don't trust.
To resolve your issue you will need to contact your mobile provider. That way your problem will be solved and you will get the right answer what happened and who and how changed the ownership of your SIM card.
Best regards,
Drake Vivian

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