How to add http prefix in firefox

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How to add http prefix in Firefox back again, Any idea?

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How to add http prefix in firefox


Yes, There is a way to add prefix if you find that your version of Firefox does not show prefix in the address bar for any URL. If you want to enable the prefix http again in the address bar of your page then you must follow the following steps:-

At first you have to type about: config in the address bar where you put the URL  of your Firefox browser. Then ,you have to agree to the terms by clicking on I will be careful,I promise.

Now ,you need to type in the filter box the following message browser.urlbar.trimURLs and then the parameter should be set to false and hence your prefix is back again.

Hope I answered your question.

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How to add http prefix in firefox


Hi Chris_58,


1. In the address bar Type “about:config “ then enter,agree to any warnings

2. Double-click on browser.urlbar.trim URLs preference to change the value to false.

3. Type the URL and HTTP:// will appear grayed out or not highlighted for a change in Firefox 7 as compared to previous versions.

Update: Set “browser.urlbar.formatting.enabled” preference to false after undergoing the procedure above to remove the highlighting

It also works well with opera.

Thank you.


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