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I have a database which has an integrated web server, and I am adamant to use such server. Is there a way to "poke" a hole in the firewall and tunnel that port?

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Hi Mr. Bumgarner,

Yes, it depends on the firewall of both your computer and router (if you use one). 

You have to figure out first what port needs to be opened and you would be able to set it up using your firewall on the computer.

If you do not know what port needs to be opened, I would suggest disabling your firewall and for the router part (different routers would have different GUIs), routers like Motorola 2700/3800/3801s have a setting called DMZ mode which would open up all the ports that are otherwise blocked. Please be careful when using this setting though as you will be very vulnerable to attacks.

There are several ports that are blocked specifically by your provider (such as port 25 to avoid spam). You would need to call them and request them to open it up for you. The usual people that can do that would be t2 and up. 

I hope I was able to help you out!


Paul Pinalb