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I use Photoshop CS5, when I do a lot of modifications on the picture and want to go back to a certain step I find that it disappeared. 

Is there any way to increase the history limit while editing a picture from the settings or something ? I searched the preferences

window and didn't find anything.


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In Photoshop CS5 follow the following steps to solve your problem

Go to the top file menu

File Menu > Edit > Preferences > Performance > History & Cache > History States

Change those History States from 20 to 50 or whatever value is suitable to you making sure that you have enough memory to handle that number of history states.
You can also change the memory settings on the same screen and increase the memory size allocated to adobe Photoshop CS5. Once you are done changing press the OK button on the top left and for the betterment restart the adobe Photoshop CS5.